Can my child still play even if s/he has never played soccer before?
Yes! FYS encourages kids of all skill levels and ability to play soccer. Experience isn’t necessary.

Where can I register a player?
All registrations are made online, here.

When is registration open?
Registration opens for fall soccer at the end of the spring season. Registration opens for spring soccer at the end of the fall season. Once registration opens there is an “early registration” discount period where the fee to play is reduced. We offer this early-bird discount in order to help plan for the season (i.e. scheduling, making rosters, recruiting coaches, ordering shirts for in-town teams, etc).

How much does it cost?
Registration fees are as follows:

  • In-Town Division, early registration: $70.00
  • In-Town Division, standard registration: $90.00
  • Travel Division (Grades 3-8), early registration: $90.00*
  • Travel Division (Grades 3-8), standard registration: $110.00*
  • Travel High School Division, early registration $100.00*
  • Travel High School Division, standard registration $120.00*
  • *Note: this fee does not include a uniform which is purchased separately. Click [hyperlink “here” to uniform page] for more information about the travel uniform.

What division will my child play in?
The divisions are grade based. The In-Town Division is for players in grades pre-k through 2. The Travel Division is for players in grades 3 through 12.

Can I request which team my child plays on?
We try our best to accommodate specific requests when it comes to team placement in the In-Town Division (i.e. for a particular coach, to keep siblings together, playing with a friend for carpooling purposes, etc.). We are unable to accommodate specific requests for players in the Travel Division, as teams in this division are determined based on age, gender and skill.  Travel age players (Grade 3 and up) are required by FYS policy to play in their age/grade appropriate division.

How long is the soccer season?
There are 8 games each season.

When does the soccer season start?
The first game fall season is the typically the first Saturday after Labor Day. The spring season usually starts on the second Saturday in April. For more information regarding scheduling, please [hyperlink “click here” to schedule page].

When will I know what team my player has been assigned to?
For the In-Town Division, you’ll typically hear from the player’s coach about 7-10 days prior to the first game of the season. For the Travel Division, you’ll generally hear from the coach at least two weeks prior to the first game. As a reminder, coaches are all volunteers. Occasionally, FYS is still recruiting volunteer coaches for teams up to a few days prior to the start of the season so notification may be delayed. Please keep this in mind and please be patient. If you’re interested in coaching, please check out our [hyperlink “volunteer opportunities” to volunteer page].

What equipment does the player need?
A soccer ball (sized appropriately), shin pads, soccer socks, soccer cleats* and a water bottle.
*Note: soccer cleats are optional for players in grade pre-K and K.

What size soccer ball is appropriate?
Size 3 – Pre-K & Kindergarten
Size 4 – Grade 1/2, Grade 3/4, & Grade 5/6
Size 5 – Grade 7/8, high school (9-12)

Are soccer cleats the same as cleats for other sports?
NO! Soccer cleats do not have a front toe cleat like baseball and football cleats. Additionally, soccer cleats do not have any metal parts. Soccer referees WILL check players’ cleats prior to each game and will only allow soccer cleats to be used.

Do I need to buy a uniform?
Players in the In-Town division are provided a team shirt. New players in the travel division must purchase a uniform. Returning players in the Travel Division may use the uniform they’ve previously purchased as long as it still fits. If it no longer fits, a new one should be ordered. For more information about uniforms, please click here.

When are the games?
Games are on Saturday’s. The time varies depending on age group:

  • In-Town Division: 8:30 am (pre-k), 9:30 am (k), 8:30 or 9:30 (1/2)
  • Travel Division (Girls):  9:00 (3/4), 11:30 (5/6), 2:30 (7/8)
  • Travel Division (Boys): 10:15 (3/4), 1:00 (5/6), 4:00 (7/8)

Where are the games played?
In-Town Division: All games are played at Coolidge Park.
Travel Division: Home games for grades 3/4 are played at Memorial Middle School. Home games for Grades 5/6 and 7/8 are played at Moran Field. Home games for high school (grades 9-12) are played at Moran Field and/or Fitchburg State University. Away games for all grades vary by opponent.

When are practices?
The practice schedule is determined by the individual coaches for each team. Pre-K and K teams have one practice per week. Older teams have 1-3 practices per week. Please reach out to your coach regarding your specific practice schedule.

How are teams decided?
In-Town Division: The league assigns players based on returning status and team needs.

Travel Division: Teams are decided based on try-outs and ranked A, B, and C (if necessary). Every travel player must attend try-outs to be considered for the A or B team for his/her age group. Any player who fails to attend a tryout will be placed on the C team, regardless of skill or ability.

When are tryouts for the Travel Division?
Annual tryouts are generally sometime during during the summer a few weeks prior to the start of the Fall season. An e-mail will be sent by the league notifying parents/players with the specific tryout date a few weeks prior to the tryout. Team assignments based on the tryout will then be for the following Fall and Spring Seasons.

What if my child cannot attend tryouts on the evening they are scheduled?
FYS will make every effort to have a make-up date for tryouts. However, it will be subject to volunteer availability. If a player fails to attend a tryout, he or she will be placed on the C team for his/her age group, regardless of skill or ability.

Is attendance at tryouts mandatory?
Yes! FYS travel teams compete in the Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer League. The divisions in the NVYSL are tiered so that players and teams are competing against others that are of a comparable skill level. Players should attend tryouts so that FYS can properly place players on teams and accurately place those teams within NVYSL.

What if my child attends tryouts and does not make a team?
Every child that registers on time makes a team regardless of skill level or experience.

What can I do to help and support the league?
FYS is run completely by the efforts of its volunteers. The league is always in need of volunteers to help coach, work concession stands, line fields, etc. Please check out our volunteer opportunities or contact us to express your interest in volunteering.