Nashoba Valley’s Zero Tolerance and Code of Conduct

  1. Principles Applicable to all Participants
    • All participants shall treat one another and all other people taking part in NVYSL-sponsored activities with dignity and respect. Participants shall behave according to the rules of soccer, and shall avoid conduct that demeans, harasses, or threatens any person. A participant is any one of the following persons present at an activity sponsored by the NVYSL, or at an activity in which he/she represents the NVYSL: player, coach, assistant coach, spectator, referee, club official, NVYSL official.
    • All participants should be aware of, understand, and comply fully with the requirements to which they are subject, including the principles in this Statement; the policies of their soccer club, the requirements of the NVYSL, MASS YOUTH SOCCER, and the US Soccer Federation.
  2. Principles Applicable to Coaches
    • The above principles apply with special force to coaches because of their influential role in the lives of soccer players and because they represent their soccer club in dealing with players, opposing teams, officials, and other sports organizations.
    • Conduct that is verbally or physically threatening or abusive, belligerent, or harassing is never appropriate and shall not occur at any time.
    • Coaches shall actively promote the good health and well-being of their players.
    • Coaches shall not show prejudice or bias based upon race, gender, religion, age, disability, national origin, or sexual orientation.
    • Coaches shall actively promote honesty and forthrightness among their players and shall exhibit the highest standard of such behavior themselves.
    • Coaches shall serve as a role model of both compliance with the requirements to which they are subject as participants in youth soccer programs and the high standard of behavior required by this Statement.

Nashoba Valley Bylaws

All travel teams follow Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer bylaws. The bylaws can be accessed here.

A Note About Referees

Official’s decisions should be accepted without looking angry, no matter how unfair you may perceive them to be. Regardless of if your message is positive or negative, officials are not to be spoken to at any time during the game.