Letter Regarding COVID-19

Hello FYS Parents, Players and Coaches –

The time has come for FYS to make the decision that none of us wanted to. FYS will be canceling the Spring 2020 soccer season.

With schools being cancelled for the remainder of the year and social restrictions in all likelihood being extended into June, it seems clear that a spring soccer season is just not feasible. Rather than make FYS families wait any longer, the board voted tonight to cancel for the Spring.

Hopefully, making this decision now will not only contribute to helping keep FYS players and families healthy and safe but will also provide a refund option for those dealing with financial uncertainties.

There are 2 options for players that have registered for spring soccer:

1. FYS can transfer your Spring 2020 registration to the Fall 2020 season. For players that will be high school this Fall, your registration can be transferred to the Spring 2021 season.


2. Receive a refund of the registration fee minus a processing fee.

Obviously, given the circumstances the no-refund policy on registrations is NOT being enforced. Anyone that wants a refund will get one – less the processing fee.

The processing fee will be $15 per registration. For families with multiple players in the league this processing fee will be reduced to $10 for the second child and $5 thereafter. The credit card used to register will be refunded directly.

Many families are dealing with financial uncertainty as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. FYS is a non-profit and is not immune to some of these financial obstacles, which is the reason behind the processing fee.

There are expenses that FYS incurs as players register. These expenses include fees to the registration service, fees to the various credit card carriers as well as player insurance fees.

The processing fee that will be held is to offset a portion of these expenses. FYS is a non-profit that is committed to providing the community with an affordable outlet in which to play soccer. In order to continue to do so, the small processing fee is necessary to help offset some of these expenses that have already been incurred and paid by the league.

To avoid the processing fee, transferring your Spring registration to the Fall season would be the best option. (this would also be the preferred and most efficient option for FYS)

The FYS Summer Clinic that was planned for August will be put on hold for the time being as will tryouts for the fall season that were planned for May. More information will be released regarding tryouts and potential options for summer soccer as things progress and hopefully restrictions get lifted.

In the next few days, FYS will be emailing all registered players/parents regarding the cancellation of spring soccer. Please respond to the email with your option of transferring the registration to the Fall 2020 season (or spring 2021 for HS players) OR to receive a refund less the processing fee. If you already know what you plan to do, please email league@fitchburgyouthsoccer.org with the players name and how you would like to proceed.

Personally, there are not many things better than watching my own kids soccer games or being at Coolidge on Saturday mornings with the rest of the FYS community enjoying soccer. Hopefully, we’ll be there again soon. For now, be well and stay safe.