Coaching Staff

Fitchburg Youth Soccer (FYS) relies entirely on volunteers to fill coaching roles for each team in the in-town and travel divisions. All volunteers are thoroughly vetted through Massachusetts Youth Soccer and have met the following guidelines:

  • Submitted a detailed registration
  • Passed a background check (CORI)
  • Completed Abuse Prevention Training
  • Completed Concussion Training

Coaches are issued Massachusetts Youth Soccer Adult Credentials to certify the above.

Fall 2019 Volunteer Coaching Staff


  • Pre-k: Deb Greelish, Susan Jimenez, Patricia Jones, Meagan Early & Derek Weeke
  • Hurricanes: Danilo Deoliveira & Tatiana Quefau
  • Lightning: Michael Lewis & Faith Waddell
  • Storm: Justin Landry
  • Thunder: Jason Bernazzini
  • All-Stars: Gina Rodrigues & Gina Franconeri
  • Daredevils: Jon Decouteau & Jim Darcangelo
  • Defenders: Brian Green & Samantha Green
  • Enforcers: Poe Dy
  • Raiders: Adrian Gates & Catherine Brouillet
  • Rebels: Todd Wood


  • G34A: Tim Cannon, Adriana Llapa & Darlene Bergeron
  • G34B: Sean Lawrence & Rafael Leon
  • G34C: Arielle Petrucci, Dennis Morrisette & Ryan McCaie
  • B34A: Tippy Martinez & Pedro Oquendo
  • B34B: Allyson Roschak & Ashley Landrey
  • B34C: Caisee Carlton & Steve Carlton
  • G56A: Yaw Addow, Cindy Caron & John Moran
  • B56A: Tim Bragdon, Bill Johnson & Joshua Connell
  • G78A: Ang Louangsabouth & Sam Souryyavongsa
  • B78A: Cesal Llapa & Rafael Leon